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We have an editorial committee:

Our content is approved by an Editorial Comittee for each series to ensure we fulfil our mission

in delivering Special Interest Films.

About us

Special Interest Films producers include Emmy Award®-winning broadcast and film
creators pioneering immersive short documentaries based in our London studio
focusing on the development, production and distribution of truth-based premium
unscripted and scripted premium storytelling that inspire action.

With technical innovation and a brand defining visual language that dates back
1997, Special Interest Films is a division of CWPG, Established over three decades
ago. Our production company has been an contract partner to produce media
for The BAFTA Film and Television Awards, London Fashion Week and The
Commonwealth Games. Special Interest Films aims to impact communities and the
world at large with ideas that forge true progress.

Combining the industry’s leading creators with the worlds largest and most trusted
network brands that reaches an audience of over 90 million people globally, Special
Interest Films is uniquely positioned to the worlds most impactful stories a global
audiences informing, inspiring and mobilising minds.

Special Interest Films brings together world leaders, big business and forward thinking pioneers to inspire, drive action and accelerate innovation to tackle
humanity’s greatest challenges.

Our Mission

The power of media to influence all levels social society has never been more
clearer. A single picture says a thousand words. Our mission is to combine creative
industry with industry representative institutions and partner with leading media
companies that can facilitate a truly unique distribution. There is no point in
producing great films if no one will see it right? Special Interest Films wants impact,
change and is on a mission to engage the worlds critical thinking to usher a mass
mobilisation of minds for sustainable action.


Work For Special Interest Films

Special Interest Films is a global British contract film production and publishing
agency specializing in sustainability topics and documentary style films, research on
national economies, coperate stewardship on solutions for issues facing society’s
and business intelligence across the global markets. With operational network
all over the world, we bring on- location filming with our creative studio to deliver
immersive first-hand insights to all stakeholders, businesses, and governments
worldwide. Informing, Inspiring and Mobilising Minds.

Please contact us for further details or apply to: careers@specialinterestfilms.com